need a room to rent

Hello, Asheville people, you lucky things. My girlfriend and I want to move there in February and need roommates. I was hoping someone on here could help?

We're both twenty years old. She (Brandi) works at Lowes Foods and I (Brittany) work at Books-A-Million, and both of our jobs are dependable. We're living in Myrtle Beach right now but both of us are able to transfer really easily. We have a medium-sized dog and two cats, who are friendly and funny and housebroken. We work, read, watch movies, ride bikes, bake, wander around cities, and raid thrift stores. I also knit some. We're fairly neat and quiet, but not excessively, and we want to live with laid-back people like ourselves. We'd be happy to live with other pets. We'd prefer living with a female (or females) and people close-ish to our age, but it doesn't really matter as long as the people are great. We don't mind smokers or people who like to drink now and then, and we're 420-friendly. We don't judge anyone based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything really. We want to live in a place where we can feel like a part of the home, and with people we can talk to like friends, rather than just feeling the need to hide out in our room all the time. We can pay up to $450 total each month. We'd prefer to live in a house because of the animals, but would be willing to consider a room in an apartment.

If you have a room that's available starting in February (or if you know anyone who does), please email me at and let me know!
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Looking for internet...

Can anyone recommend the best internet service in Asheville?

Best meaning speed, affordability, and ease of use (customer service & not dropping the connection).

I'm not interested in extra services - and that is why I am wondering if there are any other options besides ATT or Charter as I thought I remembered both of them requiring you to purchase additional services from them in order to get internet.


Hey everyone!!

Don't forget, tomorrow is FANATICON at the Asheville Art Museum!

It starts at 10am and ends at 5pm, and admission is FREE! So get down there and support the local comic industry, local businesses, and local artists! Like me!

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I feel bad even posting this, but I'm hoping the result will assuage my fears.

I'm sure most of you know this, but Asheville has... a reputation.

I'm not a rabid conservative, and I'm certainly not this guy. But neither am I liberal, and I get uncomfortable in circles that assume everyone in it is. Diversity-of-thought is important to me, and the thought of living within a monolithic political culture makes me uneasy. Again, please don't get me wrong; I respect  and appreciate viewpoints that are different - even way different - from mine. I just want to know I won't be accused of raping the planet because I have doubts about climate change, and that there are right-leaning folks in Asheville who aren't outright insane (like in the example linked above).

I also want to start an Asheville branch of Beer Church Nashville but it would be kinda lame if everyone mostly agrees.

I assume that like most generalizations Asheville's excessive hippiedom is greatly exaggerated. But I'd appreciate your thoughts either confirming or denying this.