Flatbear (flatbear) wrote in asheville,

Wedding venue help

Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm looking for a wedding/party venue for about 50-75 people.

We need at least some form of shelter due to unpredictable fall weather, a barn or a banquet hall would be ideal. We're looking for somewhere in Asheville or up to 20 minutes out of town. Our only requirements are space for tables and chairs, electricity, bathroom facilities, and room to dance. We can supply our own tables/chairs, food, drink (alcohol is not a must, but BYO-okay would be good), decorations and music.

The date is September 26th, 2010, and we would need the venue for the entire day (early am till late pm), and if possible some time the day before to decorate, but that is not a must. Ideal rental price would be $300, but we can go up to $500 if needed.

Any ideas/recommendations?
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Have you thought about having it at one of the Parks?


There are some nice park area's along the river & out near the nature center. The fee for securing one of the shelters for the day is very reasonable at $30 for four hours with each hour costing only $5 more. You can have it for the whole day up until 10pm.

I know they allow most if not all that you are requesting. I've attended political campaign rallies, reunions, & other celebrations at different park shelters. They will let you decorate, provide electricity and bathrooms, dancing just depends on which facility you use (there is a list on the link), and they allow you to set up decor, tables, music, etc.

Alcohol is the one thing I am unsure of - you would have to ask the permitting agent what their stance is on it. You may have another permit you'll need to fill out to get access to have alcohol (not sell it).

Good luck & congratulations!

This has been a huge help, thank you so much! I'm new to the area, and hadn't even thought of the parks.

Thank you, and thank you again!
I work for the city - so I'm just doing my job in passing along info.
Glad I could be of help!
I also do affordable wedding photography ;-)

There are tons of photographers in Asheville, but just in case you haven't chosen a photographer yet I figured it wouldn't hurt to identify myself as such.

Either way, congratulations again.
It's funny you should say that! Obviously being on a very tight budget, we weren't planning on professional wedding photos. But having had a look at your stuff (followed your flickr through your lj), it might be something that we would seriously consider!

I hope you don't mind if I friend you, and keep Sept. 26th open, just in case!