Flatbear (flatbear) wrote in asheville,

Wedding venue help

Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm looking for a wedding/party venue for about 50-75 people.

We need at least some form of shelter due to unpredictable fall weather, a barn or a banquet hall would be ideal. We're looking for somewhere in Asheville or up to 20 minutes out of town. Our only requirements are space for tables and chairs, electricity, bathroom facilities, and room to dance. We can supply our own tables/chairs, food, drink (alcohol is not a must, but BYO-okay would be good), decorations and music.

The date is September 26th, 2010, and we would need the venue for the entire day (early am till late pm), and if possible some time the day before to decorate, but that is not a must. Ideal rental price would be $300, but we can go up to $500 if needed.

Any ideas/recommendations?
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